Zaid AliT Biography – Net Worth, Height, Love Life, and More

Zaid AliT Biography – Net Worth, Height, Love Life, and More

Zaid Ali is one of the finest and most successful YouTubers in the world today. He owns a YouTube channel under the name of ‘ZaidAliT’ with millions of subscribers. He is a Pakistani-Canadian vlogger and comedian who makes videos on ‘desi’ South Asian culture. He also compares the funny reactions of ‘white’ and ‘brown’ people in his videos.

He picks random scenarios and comically enacts them. He plays various characters in his vlogs. The most famous role is the portrayal of female characters. Zaid drapes a ‘dupatta’ (scarf) over his head to play a female character.

He basically has two YouTube channels, one for vlogging and another one for hosting his comedy videos. Zaid has earned a lot of fame across Pakistan, Canada, and India because of his talent and hard work.

ZaidAliT Personal Life and Family

Zaid Ali was born on July 2, 1995, in Waterloo, Southern Ontario, Canada. His family moved to Canada from Lahore before his birth. He is 23 and owns a Canadian nationality. He studied business from the University of Waterloo.

Zaid’s family includes an elder brother, a younger sister, and his parents. His mother’s name is Naheed Kausar and she often acts in Zaid’s videos. She is called Mama Bear by Zaid. The Mama Bear is equally loved by his fans.

Why ZaidAliT Deleted His Vlogs?

In one of his recent videos ‘Sham Idrees needs to stop,’ he talked about the vlogs that he uploaded as a teenager. He confessed that he used to abuse a lot in his videos. But when his parents explained to Zaid that he has a responsibility to bring positivity among his fans being a social media personality. This was when Zaid decided to delete all his videos and began again with family-friendly videos.

He also confessed that it was one of the most difficult things to delete those videos as they had millions of views son it, but he did it anyway.

ZaidAliT Marriage and Love Life

The YouTube sensation got married with Yumna on August 19, 2017. His wife was also a student of the same university that Zaid attended. Yumna is into research, mathematics, and skin care. Zaid announced his marriage with Yumna by uploading a ‘couple picture’ on his social media account. The news got viral instantly and his fans loved the couple!

However, there were also people who abused Zaid’s wife for being so skinny and what not. On the bright side, the newlywed focused on the positive and ignored all the negativity created on social media about Yumna.

Zaid and Yumna made a video ‘Meet My Wife’ in which they clarified rumors like they aren’t cousins and first met while creating a YouTube video. In the YouTube video, the couple also conducted a rapid-fire Q/A session where they discussed their relationship before and after the wedding ceremony.

The duo also discussed each other’s favorite qualities with much love and affection in his vlog. Zaid said one of the most adorable things ever about his wife:

“I love the fact that she’s so beautiful. I love that fact that she’s really smart. I love the fact that she goes to the gym every day. I love the fact that she prays five times a day. I love that fact that she takes care of herself. I love the fact that she cleans a lot. I love the fact that she only eats healthy!”

He is head over heels in love with his adorable wife! In January 2018, the couple visited Pakistan for the first time after their marriage and shared cute pictures on their social media accounts.

Age Difference Between Zaid and His Wife

The wife of a renowned vlogger is older than him. Yes, Zaid is 23 while Yumna is 27. The YouTuber broke all the stereotypes and stood tall against all the negativity that was hitting his wife on social media. ZaidAliT knew what he wanted, and they are happily married today. They make a perfect couple!

ZaidAliT Career

Undoubtedly, Zaid Ali is one of the most loved YouTubers and the only Pakistani vlogger with such fandom. He released his first video “Your Profile Picture is Cute” on his YouTube in August 2011. Since then the vlogger has earned fame, respect, and money for his excellent work. His vlog ‘Father’s Day Surprise’ has more than 4.7 million views. Some of his other famous vlogs are ‘Pillow Fight Prank,’ ‘I Do My Mom’s Makeup,’ and ‘Weed Prank Gone Wrong.’

Zaid is so devoted to his work that he frequently posts solitary videos on his YouTube channel. In March 2015, he visited Pakistan and was surprised by much love of his fans. Ali appeared in many TV shows and furthermore showed up on BBC Asian Network.

ZaidAliT Net Worth

The primary source of Zaid’s income is through his YouTube vlogs. His YouTube channel ‘ZaidAliT’ has over a million subscribers while his videos have millions of views. According to the wiki, YouTube pays the famous vlogger $947-$15.2k per month, it means $11.4k-181.8k ($1 million approx.) per year. Don’t forget that he shares his videos on Facebook as well and that platform must pay him a generous amount.

ZaidAliT has millions of fans around the world. The YouTube star succeeded to collect $2 million charity for United We Stand Organization through his tour. He is not only a YouTuber but a social activist with a kind heart. 

ZaidAliT Movie Offer in Hollywood

The super talented vlogger gets offers from time to time across the world. He was also offered a role in a Hollywood film, but he refused it because the movie included a kissing scene. Zaid clarified that he didn’t prefer doing intimidating scenes on screen and dismissed the offer.

The famous Bollywood star “Sonakshi Sinha” also shared one of Zaid’s vlogs “When You Use a Bollywood Dialogues in Real Life.”

He has met and praised by many famous celebrities in the world.

Facts About ZaidAliT

•    His favorite dish is biryani

•    His height is 6 feet 2 inch

•    He loves his culture (desi culture)

•    He’s had crazy encounters with female fans

•    He is a one-man army

•    He earns only through his YouTube channel and live shows

•    He is a perfectionist

•    He takes his mother’s opinions for vlogs