Mark Wiens Biography – Net Worth, Marriage, Career, and More.

Mark Wiens Biography – Net Worth, Marriage, Career, and More.

If you are a foodie who loves to explore new eateries and cuisines then you must know Mark Wiens. Yes, I’m talking about the renowned vlogger who travels around the world to introduce his taste buds to new food. Personally, I love food and I love Mark’s videos, too.

The way he gives his expression after trying out a meal for the first time and how he writes about his food exploration experiences is just AH-MAZING!!!

If you want to know about Mark about almost everything, you are reading the right blog post. I have gathered all the information of the popular YouTuber and food vlogger. Let’s check it out!

Mark’s Early Years

Wiens was born on 26th February, 1986 in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. However, Mark did not stay longer in Phoenix and moved to Albertville along with his family. It was a small-town southeastern France in the mountainous Alpes region and Mark loved growing up there. Apart from Albertville, he travelled to Hawaii and Canada back and forth a few times to visit relatives.

Getting back to the topic, the food vlogger shifted to the center of Africa with his parents where they lived in a tiny village called Tandala in Zaire, which is now known as northern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Despite of his young age, food and travelling seemed to fascinate him. According to Mark Wiens, DR Congo was a foundation of food, culture, and friendships. He loved the beautiful sights of his town and how people treated food there.

Mark used to sling-shot random birds with friends, set up fire, and then roast them to enjoy tasty bites.

Wiens and his family loved to be in Tandala, Zaire, but they had to move again due to troubled condition of the area.

In 1996, he and his family moved to Kenya, into the heart of the capital city of Nairobi. He attended Rosslyn Academy from 5th grade and stayed in Nairobi until he was graduated from high school in 2008 (except for the one year that he spent in the United States).

After graduation, Mark had no clue about what he wants to do in life. Anyway, he decided to continue his studies and enrolled to Arizona State University in the U.S.

During his university years, he worked full time and sold many times on different websites like eBay. However, he had no idea about his future after finishing university.

Mark’s Career Development

After completing his college, he moved to South America – Buenos Aries, Argentina, where he experienced many things and got to know about their culture and food. Mark enrolled in a TESOL course to learn English so he can teach the subject later. He had an idea in mind that if he can teach English, then it’d be easier to make a living overseas. He completed his one month course, still unknown and confused about his profession.

He traveled to Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile before returning to the U.S for a family event. After coming back to South America, he then decided to start a blog about his experiences to share with his family and friends.

In 2009, came into existence. He knew from the start that this blog will be filled with travel, and most specifically, food experience. His blogs were thorough as he describes it, “…and not just rushing from place to place or taking a quick vacation…but about local immersion.”

After a month, he flew to Bangkok with no idea what he will do next.

He traveled throughout Southeast Asia for the next 6 months and fell in love with the beauty of Asia. Jumping to the mail part, his friend from Nairobi, emailed him and said that he wants to join him.

They met in Bangkok and explored food for a couple of months until both went broke. At that point, Mark knew he now has to use the TESOL certification. He got a job as an English teacher in Bangkok at a private institute after some time.

As Mark explains, “videos help him to capture emotion and environment that cannot be justified by a mere blog photo.

Along with earning money as a teacher, he started making some amount from his blogging and vlogging as well. He also kept working with online projects to pursue his passion.

After all this time, Mark Wiens knew what he wants to do with his life and what he is passionate about – food.

For him, one of the best things about Bangkok is it’s hugely cheaper, so it’s easier to save a considerable amount of money. Mark says that he used to save 90% of his teaching salary, and this is how he continued traveling after quitting the job.

Wiens kept going on adventures, experienced new food, and shared it on his blog and YouTube channel. After coming back to Bangkok, he published the “Eating Thai Food Guide ebook,” which was his first reliable earning.

As of 2019, his blog posts are read by millions of readers around the globe. As for his YouTube channel, it is about to reach 4 million subscribers.

His consistency and hard work made him one of the most famous YouTubers and food vloggers in the world today.

Mark Wien’s Personal Life and Marriage

While living in Thailand, Mark came to know about Ying, now his wife. She is an incredible cook and loves to travel and eat. He says that Ying has been his most significant support throughout the journey and he would never be able to do all this without her love.

Mark and Ying are currently based in Thailand and share a blissful marriage. They have a son together who they named Micah.

Marks keeps traveling to the world in search of unique flavors along with his family.

Mark Wien’s Net Worth

After living a tough and clueless life, Mark Wiens can finally look back and smile at all those experiences that made him who he is today. His persistence and hard work harvested fruits of his labor, and now he can enjoy it.

He now earns a notable income from his online endeavors such as blogging, YouTubing, and selling ebooks.

As of 2019, Mark Wiens has a net worth of $2 million and rising.

Interesting Facts About Mark Wiens

• He is a half Chinese.
• His mother is from Hawaii, his traveling back and forth to Hawaii makes sense now.
• He has a fear of heights.
• His favorite snack is peanuts.
• He loves to go hiking.
• He prefers drinking unsweetened, black coffee.
• He is a morning person and gets up around 5 am and start writing.
• He loves to play football (soccer).
• If he could wear sandals/flip flops all the time, he would never wear shoes.
• He had suffered from malaria about 10 times in 33 years of his life.
• Despite the fact that he is a food vlogger, he prefers to have oatmeal for breakfast.
• He hates cold weather.
• He always falls asleep during movies.
• He disliked reading and writing while growing up, he loves to do both now.
• He has been washing clothes in a bucket for the last 4 years.
• He can’t sit in one place for too long. Explains why he is a traveler vlogger!
• He used to cook until he moved to Asia and realized that many people can cook better than him.
• During his university, he did a study abroad program in Tena, Ecuador. • He prefers to spend money on food than accommodation and other needs.