How Can You Extend the Life of a Used Forklift Truck?

People have the misconception that investing in a used or a pre-owned forklift truck is something completely unacceptable. However, from a business perspective, you need to understand that it is acceptable. Some people consider it to be a safety hazard. They believe that having used equipment or machinery at their construction site will only slow down operations, and possibly pose harm. Although to some extent this may be true, purchasing a used forklift has its own set of advantages. It is an effective solution.

In fact, across the United States, it is a trend for warehouses and construction sites to invest in used forklift trucks for sale. As long as it is in the right condition, it will keep operators safe in the warehouse. However, even these equipment are susceptible to accidents. If you end up ignoring them, maintaining it will affect their overall functional or operational life. Hence, it is imperative for operators to know how to maintain and possibly extend the life of their used forklift trucks for sale.

Are Used Forklifts Prone to Causing Accidents?

OSHA, (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) estimates there are over 35,000 serious, or even fatal accidents that occur with forklifts. In addition, about 63,000 cause non-serious forklift-related accidents annually. In fact, it is true that a major portion of these accidents often occur with pre-owned forklifts, since they are in longer use.

Although the chances of the forklift having problems depend on where you purchased the equipment from, in this post, you will learn more about how you can extend the life of your pre-owned Moffett forklifts. Before moving on to that, consider some of the reasons why businesses prefer to have used Truck Forklifts in the first place.

The Reasons to Own a Used Forklift Truck

Compared to other material handling equipment, Moffett forklifts are the most wanted ones in warehouses. Many reasons follow this point. They help to move heavy materials from place to another. Hence, they save valuable time and cost it would bring when buying a piece of new equipment. As long as they are in the right condition, they offer safety to operators as well.

In addition, it helps businesses to maximize their profits and save on costs. Hence, it’s an excellent way to reap benefits, while paying half of the cost original equipment would bring along. It may be a risky decision to invest in used forklifts, but if you choose the right dealers, you can have equipment that’s almost new. Not only will the right dealers guide you more on the equipment, but they will also give you tips on how to extend the life of the equipment and maintain it well. You can buy equipment at the best prices.

How to Extend the Life of a Used Forklift Truck for Sale?

Once you decide to invest in a used forklift truck, it’s best to know how to maintain its life. Despite purchasing it from a reliable dealer, it is time you focus on the maintenance. The equipment should require greater maintenance and attention compared to a new model. Here are some ways you can extend the life of the used forklift.

Follow the Right Guidelines

For most pre-owned equipment, it is the right thing to follow guidelines and limit the use. It is important that it helps to maintain the functional life of the equipment for a longer time. It also helps to improve the performance of the equipment. You shouldn’t try to get more work out of the equipment. Operate it in the right speed limit, and maintain its load capacity.

Clean the Equipment Well

In every used equipment, the leading enemy of the machinery is the formation of rust. It poses a great danger to the parts of the machine. Once a part has rust on it, others become susceptible to adverse effects as well. Hence, it is important to clean the equipment, and use the right cleaning solutions at all times.

Moving Parts Need Lubricants

Keep in mind that moving parts of the equipment can reduce friction, and most of them cause damage to the forklift. For used forklift trucks for sale, the risks of overheating could also deteriorate the performance. It is best to keep the equipment lubricated and oiled more at all times.

To maintain or extend the life of your used equipment, these are just tips. For better maintenance, it is best that you consult experts and the right dealers. You should go through the performance history of the equipment, the maintenance checks and focus on other areas of the equipment. In a warehouse, you should encourage operators to follow the right OSHA guidelines. They should help to prevent accidents, and it will let operators check the equipment beforehand.

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