Finding the Best Tyre for SUV Vehicle

Finding the Best Tyre for SUV Vehicle

The wide range of SUV vehicles and SUV tyres in Oman and their versatility have made them one of the most successful segments of the market. These cars, capable of driving on asphalt and on tracks, provide extra functionality and meet the expectations of a very broad type of customers. Therefore, it is very important that, if you are the owner of one of them, carefully choose the tyres of the car since in the same way that you would not wear the same footwear to make an urban tourist route than for a mountain excursion, neither you must equip your SUV with inappropriate tyres for the use you are going to make of the vehicle.  

In the first place, it is very important to determine where the vehicle will circulate: only by road, mostly by asphalt with some incursion in off road or almost always by track. Likewise, we must be clear about the type of terrain that will step on, since this aspect will influence the choice of tyres. The hardness and drawing will be different if they are to travel paths in good condition or if they are used routinely to travel on broken and very stony roads. 

Best Tyre for SUV Vehicle

If it is a vehicle with which we plan to enter the land from time to time, we will have to choose a shoe that allows us to do it with grip guarantees and that, at the same time, avoids the risk of punctures or is not easily damaged. In this case, you have to choose mixed tyres that offer a good performance both on asphalt and outside it. We need a product that adheres well on the road and, in turn, helps prevent wheels from skating when driving on land.

The wider, lower and smoother tyre is, the more adhesion it will have (you just have to look at the competition tyres). However, these qualities, in addition to reducing the capacity of water drainage in case of rain, are counterproductive to run on the track, since they penalize the traction of the vehicle.

When choosing tyres, we must take into account whether we will often drive with our SUV out of asphalt; In this case, you have to opt for some tyres with certain off-road performance.That said, when you choose the most suitable product for your SUV you will have to take into account the use you make of the vehicle. In the case that the car is going to drive a little through the field it is convenient to choose mixed tyres in which asphalt behaviour prevails (65/35), while if the use is going to be more frequently off-road or off-road, we will mount 50/50 tyres, that is, 50% off road and 50% off road.

When buying new tyres, it should not be forgotten that those listed on the vehicle’s technical data sheet must be mounted, so they must conform to specific measurements and load and speed codes. This information is very easy to obtain since it is enough to read the flank of the tyre

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