Custom Magnets For Business And Their Benefits

Custom Magnets For Business And Their Benefits

Among the many options for promotional and advertising tools out there, business magnets remain at the top. The reasons for this are because they are affordable, maintain their quality, easy to use and there are a variety of choices. Below are the most popular choices available when choosing business magnets to advertise your company.

Business Card Magnets

These magnets are exactly what they say. Like traditional business cards, these magnets contain the same useful and important information. They often times take the same design as the paper card and are roughly the same size. It is recommended that metal print always hire the best professionals in your area.

On occasion, companies choose to make the business card magnets larger simply because there is a practical opportunity to do so. Many traditional paper cards have to remain roughly the same size to keep them manageable.

Square and Rectangle

Depending on what a company wants to market or promote rectangles and squares are often very popular choices when it comes to magnets. This is because they are more traditional, easy to use and offer plenty of space to place images and information.

These shapes also tend to fit well on any surface and remain inform looking. This is especially important to consider if the main advertising target is a professional niche.

Stock Shape and Custom Shapes

As stated before, magnets come in a number of different shapes. When used for business magnets, stock shapes can be very helpful in conveying what a business is about. For example, if a dentist wanted to create an eye-catching magnet, they could select a tooth shape which is a general part of a stock shape.

Custom shape business card magnets are an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Custom work is always a great way to go because the image communicated is exactly what the company is looking for.

When it comes to custom magnets for professional use, there are many ways to distinguish the look. Creating a magnet in the shape of a logo is a popular option as well as creating one that might have a theme which links to the actual business. It is an opportunity to get creative while still producing an effective advertising tool.

Photo Frame Magnets

Another option for business magnets that is growing in popularity includes the photo frame magnets. This is a great example of the potential client getting something from the magnet besides an advertisement.

The advertisement is typically on the top of the photo frame and then again in the center where it pops out for the photo. In essence, there are 2 magnets as a result of one business magnet purchase.

Benefits OF Custom Business Magnets

Custom magnets are a very hot option right now for both small and large businesses. This is because they offer huge benefits with little out of pocket cost.

The return on the investment with custom magnets is amazing- which many other advertising tools cannot claim. Below are five main reasons why businesses have made the addition of custom magnets a priority in their advertising campaign.

Custom Magnets Are Inexpensive

The most important aspect of advertising is the cost the business will incur. Advertising is a cost that needs to be carefully weighed because a campaign could either work extremely well, not at all or simply break even.

For this reason, businesses need to find the line between what they can afford if the campaign didn’t work at all. With the price point of custom magnets, even if only a few got through, they would be worth every penny of the investment.

They Infiltrate the Market

If there is one thing that magnets can do, it grabs the attention of people who glance in its general direction. Custom magnets allow a business to print their logo and slogan along with other useful information they deem appropriate and have a large variety of people to see it.

In fact, many people see it multiple times a day for the most part. Take a refrigerator magnet for instance. Every single day, each family member goes to the fridge to pull something out of it. Each time they look at the fridge, they see the magnet; and each time they see the magnet, they are being exposed to the advertising company’s brand.

The same holds true for people visiting the home such as friends, family, and neighbors. Add this scenario to office space, a small local market or other venues and the potential for exposure is amazing.

People Want to Use Them

When a person receives an advertising flyer in the mail, many automatically throw them away without even looking at them. The same holds true for postcards and other mailer material. If a person receives promotional custom magnets, however, they are receiving something they can actually use.

People are constantly looking to stick things onto their refrigerator or filing cabinet so they remember something. Giving them the tool to do so gets the advertising material in the door.

Add a magnetic photo frame or a magnetic calendar and the chances the advertising material will reach potential customers increases greatly. Moreover, these aluminum prints are durable and good looking as well.

Customized Magnets Are a Unique Idea

Creating a unique customized magnet will increase the chances that a company will be noticed. Not many people expect a company to advertise out of the traditional advertising mediums so when it happens, they are likely to pay more attention to it.

Able to Create What Is Needed

A company knows exactly the way they want to convey their business. The process of creating a customized business magnet allows the company to do just that- create something that conveys their company perfectly to their targeted market.

General “one size fits all” marketing is rarely effective and doesn’t allow for company characteristics to shine through. With custom magnets, this option is available.

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