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Mo Vlogs Biography – Family, Height, Net Worth, and More

Mohamed Beiraghdary, worldly known by his YouTube name Mo Vlogs or just Mo is one of the most successful You Tubers in the world today. He is a Dubai-based Iranian vlogger who makes videos on the rich and luxurious lifestyle of the Middle East. Mo is very hardworking that he posts videos on his YouTube channel on a daily basis. No matter whether he is sick or busy in life, he never forgets to posts videos every day for his YouTube famous.

Mo’s Early Life and Family

Mohamed Beiraghdary aka Mo was born on March 8, 1995, in Dubai, the hub of the United Arab Emirates. Mo’s parents are Nadereh Samimi and Esmail Beiraghdary, he also has a sister name Parisa Beiraghdary aka Lana Rose. He later moved to London along with his family for his and his sister’s further studies. Mo attended Queensmary University where he studied Mathematics.

In August 2015, Mo moved back to Dubai only with his mother and sister because his parents got divorced while living in London. As for his sister, Lana is also a famous Youtuber now. Her vlogs are mainly about makeup tutorials and her daily life. She has more fan followers on Instagram, i.e. close to 1 million than her Youtube channel.

It is believed that his ethnicity is Iranian; however, there is no evidence to this, though his mother often speaks Persian.

Mo Vlogs Career

In 2011, Mo started his YouTube carrier as a gamer with his YouTube channel by the name “HistspecK0” which is currently dormant with 60,000 subscribers. Later in August 2013, he started his new vlog channel “Mo Vlogs.” On December 7, 2014, he uploaded his first ever video on his Youtube channel ‘Mo Vlogs’ under the title ‘My First Vlog.’ When he moved back to Dubai in August 2015, he was already one of the most known YouTube influencers in the globe.

He gained instant fame as he started uploading vlogs about supercars. His vlogs attracted thousands of people who shortly turned into a million views. He likes to share his luxurious life with his fan following.

The 24-years old pursued his passion, and he has over 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel “Mo Vlogs” today. He has a rich collection of cars, and his house is not less than a mansion. Indeed, hard work pays off. Here are few of the most popular of Mo vlogs:

• Rich kids of the Middle East – The Most Expensive Car Event in the World
• The Luxury Dubai Lifestyle – Billionaire Boys
• Paying cash for my new car
• Girls driving a Bugatti in Dubai
• Racing in my friend’s Bugatti These videos have 5 million to 10 millions views as of April 2018.

Other Interests

Apart from being a car lover, Mo is also very fond of fashion and has launched his official merch with his initials MV. He has collaborated with many other Youtuber stars including Adam Saleh, Roman Atwood, KSI, Logan Paul, Inanna Sarkis, and many more.

Moreover, he has met many renowned stars – the Bollywood superstar, ‘Salman Khan’, famous footballer ‘Karim Benzema, and the great musician, ‘6ix9ine’ who visited his house. He is friends with Rashed Belhasa aka Money Kicks (the richest self-made 17 years old kid in Dubai) as well as Saygin Yalcin (a self-made billionaire).

Additionally, the well-known vlogger is also covering a vast number of automotive opportunities that have probably been delivered to the owners of supercars in the United Arab Emirates. You get to see an extensive collection of exotic cars like McLaren, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ferrari, and Bugatti on occasions.

Mo also launched his first official music video with the name of “Mo Vlogs – Feel Like the Man.” The music video went viral quickly and was loved by millions of fans.

Mo’s Net Worth, House, and Cars

The primary source of Mo’s income is Brands’ sponsorships and monetizing from YouTube vlogs. As of 2019, his net worth is around $7 million. He owns a big house in Dubai which he shares with his mother and sister.

Mo is crazy about cars and has “Ford Mustang GT California Edition,” and “White Ferrari 458 Spider” which cost over the US $1 million. He recently gave his mother a royal blue “Rolls Royce Ghosts Mansory” as a gift.

Mo’s Hobbies

Mo likes to collect different currencies from all around the world. If you are his fan, you must have seen in his videos that he gets small amounts of money sent to him from different countries. He has a currency collection from different countries such as Germany, Korea, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, and Great Britain.

He is also enthusiastic about collecting expensive watches. He often shows his recently purchased watches in his vlogs. Some of the watches from his collection are Emporio Armani, Casio, and Levis Watch. The most expensive watch in his collection is a Rolex watch.

Mo’s Love Life

Despite having a super busy life, Mo manages to have a stable love life. According to sources, Mo is currently dating a well-known Youtuber, Narin. She is from Syria and a permanent resident of Sweden. Her YouTube channel name is Narins Beauty which has crossed 2.3 million subscribers.

Mo’s Favorites

• Mo’s favorites food – Middle Eastern food, burgers, desserts, and milkshakes. Seems like he is a sweet tooth!
• Mo’s favorite cars – Ferrari, Bugatti Chiron, and Mercedez G Wagon
• Mo’s favorite Youtuber – The YouTube star’s favorite Youtuber is Casey Neistat
• Mo’s favorite color – Blue and White
• Mo’s favorite places to visit – New York, Paris, and London